What Does Bhavik Use? – Feb 2018

Welcome to the first edition of, “What Does Bhavik Use?” This will be the series where I list all the products I use every day ranging from game consoles to smartwatches. All of these products will get their own review sometime in the future. I will keep updating this post with links when I write reviews on each one.

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 7348 2 in 1

Loaded with an Intel i5 processor and 8GB of ram, this laptop is all I use to program, game and complete projects.  I bought it roughly two years ago and it is still solid. The 2-in-1 form factor was and still is something that I want in a laptop. The ability for me to flip it into tablet mode is a genius idea and it is really useful as a university student. Recently, I switched out the SSHD (not HDD) to an SDD and of course, as expected, the boot time decreased down to two seconds. Good investment.

Smartphone: Google Nexus 5X


I own the last Nexus device that Google made. I had this phone for the past 3 years and it is still competitive with most phones on the market. The three years is up for major updates from Google so 2018 might be the year that the Nexus 5X and 6P dies. (RIP) I upgraded from the Nexus 5 (major Nexus fanboy) and am happy with the step up. However, after updating to Android Oreo (8.0), the device did start getting a bit laggy and started to show the flaws that plagued the affordable brand. Overall, the Nexus 5X achieves my expectations for a smartphone and it has been something that I can’t live without.

Smartwatch: TicWatch S

This watch quickly intrigued me with its low price tag and cool features. Ticwatch-S-Knight-444303-Starting at $199, the heart rate monitor and a built-in GPS are two features you probably will find on watches that start from the low 300s.  I had it for two months now and it is starting to grow into my life. All my workouts and activities are tracked on the watch rather than my phone which means that the data is hopefully more accurate. This product is a great way to enter the smartwatch industry.

Game Console: Xbox One (original)

Game streaming is probably the only reason why I decided to trade in my Xbox 360 Elite for the black Xbox One. (I really wanted the white Xbox One S). I had low hopes for the streaming because of my unstable internet connection, but it has surprised me a lot. It is responsive and clear and went above and beyond my expectations. Another area which has improved significantly is the sound that the machine makes. The Xbox 360 sounds like it is taking off from a runway everytime you turn it on. That issue goes away with the new generation gaming console.

Smart Speaker: Google Home Mini

Purchased on sale during Boxing Day, the Google Home Mini is starting to be used more frequently than before. 11615336In the beginning, it was hard for us to remember to use it and prevent ourselves from pulling out our phones to search something up. Since then, we have gotten familiar with it and we are discovering everything that it can do. From setting the temperature of the house to playing some music, the mini delivers. The full review can be found here.

Monitor: LG 22MP58VQ 22″ IPS

This is another product that I don’t technically need, but it is nice to have especially when going the entire night looking at an essay or lines of code. The IPS LED technology is kind to the eyes and the colours are vibrant and sharp as you expect them to be. The 22″ screen makes small text easier to read when compared to my 13″ Dell.

Camera: I Don’t Have One :O

Yes, I do not have an actual camera. All the pictures you might have seen on my website are taken with either my Nexus 5X or my old Nexus 5 with some exceptions. (the car panning one was taken with a Nikon D3000) Do I want a camera? Sure, I do, but the majority of the pictures I take are ones that aren’t staged. I wouldn’t bring my camera to the dark, misty bus stop on my way back from school. I am however looking into one of the compact DSLRs because I don’t see myself taking a massive body and lens on trips or staged events.

All of these products will get their own separate reviews later on. Also, I will keep creating a new post every time I switch a couple of these items but they should stay relatively same for the most part.

Thank you so much for reading. Remeber to follow and like! All the ways to follow me are listed below in the footer!



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