Welcome to Bob’s Tech Support!


I’m Bhavik Naik and I am a computer science student currently living in the Greater Toronto Area. Thank you so much for checking out my technology review site. I will solely focus on reviewing any gadgets, products, apps and online services that I think will spark your interest in the world of technology. The products will range from computers, smartphones, smartwatches, accessories, and more. I will also review software and other online services that cover a wide spectrum. Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I started this website.

My love of gadgets is the pure reason why I decided to create this site. I currently do have another WordPress blog titled Bhavik Blurs. That blog is more personal and much more creative, two things which I will not transfer over to this site. This post has much more information on me such as my hobbies and other interesting facts.

As a consumer, I always had the difficulty of trying to determine if a product is worth buying. When I’m interested in buying a new piece of tech, I always, like most people, look at all the reviews online. Large companies like CNET, TechRadar and Trusted Reviews are what I tend to click on. I tend to just look at the 5-star rating that the reviewer gave the particular model. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. These reviews are lengthy to read and I tend to skip over important sections and focus more on the main portions.

Why is this site different?

The main focus for me is the honesty. I do not want to endorse a product that an average consumer will not use for their everyday life, especially if it something like a smartphone or laptop. At the end of each post, I will state if you should buy or use that particular product or software. I will try to condense the information into a couple of paragraphs at most, rather than giving a long explanation of it. I will not dive into the specs of the product because you can look that up on BestBuy. Sure, I might mention some information to illustrate a point, but the large focus will be on the usability of the product. Can an average consumer use it? Can they make the product their daily driver? Everyone is different. I get that. That’s why you will see headings such as “Best suited for” and “Worst suited for”, so you can get a good idea on if you should buy or use it.

I’m starting off small so bare with me if you see old products and more software focused posts rather than hardware. If my friends have the newest devices, I will be sure to ask them for their feelings on it and I might create posts just on other people’s opinion.

But Bhavik, there are so many reviewers on Youtube, why are you focused on written reviews?

To be honest, I don’t like getting in front of a camera, I rather stay behind it and take the shots. My first blogging site allowed me to see the market and determine what readers want to interact with. I will take that in condensation when writing the reviews.

What’s the goal?

I would love to see people coming to this site to get an honest reaction to the product from the consumer level. Of course, the end goal is to be able to review any new products or software that generates a large splash in the tech ecosystem.

I am happy to have you aboard and I would love to influence you when it comes to buying new electronics and software.

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