Review: The Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is Google’s way to compete with the Amazon Echo Dot. So should you buy this device? Read my review to find out!


With the launch of the Google Home, Google entered the smart speaker market quite stylishly. In the beginning, the product did start off slowly and people quickly found out that it lacked a lot of features and did not give correct responses to most questions. The growth potential that the Google Home had intrigued many buyers. Then Google launched the Mini, with a much cheaper price tag than the larger Home. It featured the same assistant and features that the larger product had. It was a way for the average consumer to enter smart speaker world without spending so much.

My Thoughts

The Google Home Mini has been with us for the larger part of two months. It took us some time to remember all of the functions and features that the small product packs. The two most impressive hardware features are the microphones and the speaker. The microphone can pick up your voice from across the room with the TV on. It also does a great job picking out an “Okay Google” when it’s blasting music at full volume. The speakers were surprisingly loud and clear for the small device. Of course, this won’t be the best speaker in your home, but it does a pretty good job playing music and giving information.


Personalized responses based on who is talking is another aspect that the Mini does very well. A command like “My Day” allows you to listen to all the important facts such as your commute, the weather, any calendar events and more. This will of course change based on who speaks to it. The ability to phone on the smart speaker is a great addition and is extremely helpful when calling a business or ordering pizza. Weather, traffic, setting alarms, timers and other functions which you would probably need your phone to do are available to you with a single command.

The most frustrating aspect of the Mini is when it searches the wrong thing or it gives out a generic response, like “Sorry, I do not know how to help with that.” That usually requires you to rephrase the question or give up asking. The annoyance of saying the question again is probably the biggest let off of the Google Home Mini. Taking out your phone from your pocket and searching the information sometimes feels faster than repeating the question. Finding a spot to put it was also challenge. Beside the TV wasn’t so ideal and the further you go, the more volume you have to set it to.

The Bottom Line


The Google Home Mini is a great way to enter the smart speaker market. Some of the functions that it can do will surprise you and it will, as advertise, simplify your life. There are frustrating situations with the Mini too but for the most part, it does a great job giving you information about anything you might need.

Should you Buy it? 

Yes, if you are looking to enter the smart speaker world and experience something like this, I would definitely recommend you get it on sale. I purchased my one for half price and it was a good investment at $40 Canadian.

So this is my first review on this site! I hope you like the layout and headers that I mentioned. This will probably be the outline I will follow for most of my reviews!

Do you have any ideas, comments, or do you own the Gooogle Home Mini? Comment below!

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Images: CNET

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